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Whisky Collection

Old Durbar
Two Continents

Our distinguished whisky is matured in two different types of wood, starting with eight years in American oak ex-bourbon casks before being transferred to Spanish Oloroso sherry casks for an additional year.

Old Durbar Two Continents brings together two distinct casks to develop a perfect harmony of flavours. The American oak imparts vanilla and caramel notes, which then fuses with the subtle spice and dried fruits derived from the sherry casks — making our first blend a rich smooth and rounded whisky.

Tasting Notes


Ex-bourbon cask, Oloroso sherry cask


Old Gold

Pair With

Chicken chilly, dumplings, dark chocolate, and traditional Newari cuisine


Vanilla, caramel, dried fruits and spice


Soft vanilla with caramel toffee and oak


Smooth and rounded


Round and creamy, with walnuts and cinnamon combine to create warm spices