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Old Durbar presents the limited edition 12 Years Old Blended Scotch whisky in collaboration with acclaimed Paubha artist, Lok Chitrakar

Lok Chitrakar

A Master of Paubha Art

Lok Chitrakar (born 1961, Patan, Lalitpur) completed his first painting at the age of 12, and is renowned as a master of the traditional Paubha art. His visually stunning works of art encompasses a wide array of subjects deeply rooted in Nepali and Newari culture, including figurative symbols, religious philosophy, and metaphoric concepts with spiritual meanings. In his attempts to preserve the ancient Paubha making practice, he adheres to the age-old tradition of using colour pigments derived from stone, plant matter, and minerals. Chitrakar has received significant national and international awards, and his work is exhibited in museums and private collections across the world.


Old Durbar and acclaimed Paubha artist, Lok Chitrakar, have joined forces to explore the synergies between two crafts — whisky and art. Similar to how crafting an exceptional blended Scotch whisky requires precision, creativity, and attention to detail, Paubha artform too, demands equivalent skills to achieve excellence. Thus the collaboration, Old Durbar X Lok Chitrakar, embodies a common thread of craftsmanship.


Lok Chitrakar draws inspiration from Newari folk music to set the theme for this collaboration — connecting flowers that bloom for Barahmase , meaning 12 months in Nepali, with Old Durbar's 12 Years Old Blended Scotch Whisky.

"Flowers selflessly give us happiness without asking for anything in return," says Lok Chitrakar, for whom flowers symbolise "nature's unconditional love." The artwork made by Chitrakar for this collaboration features twenty “Barahmase flowers” including culturally significant ones like the rhododendron (laligurans), lotus, rose, chrysanthemum, among others.

The Limited Edition

Old Durbar’s limited edition blended Scotch whisky combines various single malts and grain whiskies, each aged for a minimum of 12 years. Each whisky undergoes ageing in three different types of casks: ex-bourbon, Oloroso sherry, and Pedro Ximenez. The result is a smooth, full-bodied, and complex whisky. Embellished with artwork of flowers onto each limited edition bottle, Old Durbar X Lok Chitrakar is a unique collector’s item that honours beauty, craftsmanship, and tradition.