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Whisky Collection

Old Durbar 15 Years

Old Durbar 15 Years Old Blended Malt Scotch is a unique expression, shaped by time and the intricate cask maturation process. Our master blender selects three different casks to create this limited edition release, first maturing the spirit in ex-bourbon casks for 15 years and then in Oloroso sherry oak casks for four years. The final step is a one-year finish in Pedro Ximenez sherry casks from Jerez, Spain.

The result is a beautifully balanced whisky with notes of caramel, vanilla, dried fruits, spice, and sherry sweetness. The high angel’s share of 6-8% in Nepal contributes to the more matured and full-bodied flavour of this over 20 year old whisky.

Tasting Notes


First-fill ex-bourbon cask, Oloroso sherry cask, and Pedro Ximenez sherry cask



Pair With

Grilled meats, pork ribs, sushi, almond, cashew, apple pie


Vanilla, caramel, dried fruits, spice, and sherry sweetness


Sweet fruit and sherry notes, layered with vanilla and spice


Long and satisfying, with sherried fruitiness and lingering creamy sweetness


Smooth and mellow with a well-balanced flavours — sherry sweetness, nuttiness, and notes of cinnamon