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8th January 2022

How to drink whisky?

Known for its extensive array of flavours, aromas and textures, whisky is truly a multi-faceted drink with many styles. For whisky lovers, enjoying it to the utmost is key. And, there are proper ways to drink whisky so you can enjoy and appreciate it even more.


Whisky glasses come in various shapes and styles, and choosing the right one can enhance your drinking and tasting experience.

You can start with a whisky tumbler (aka the rocks glass). To do it the right way, you can use a tulip-shaped glass or a wide-bottomed snifter, which are designed to drive aroma into your nose.


Swirling the whisky in the glass can reveal its unique character and texture. One way to observe the texture is to look for “legs” or the drips of liquid that run along the inside of the glass.

A whisky with lots of legs, or legs that run rapidly, may indicate a lighter flavour profile, while oily or thick legs suggest a heavier-bodied, older whisky. Thin legs hint at less texture, while thick legs imply a more substantial mouthfeel.


In particular, the sense of smell integrates a large part of the flavour in food and drink, and whisky is no exception.

After observing the whisky legs in the glass, swirl it around, and bring it up to your nose. Take your time to inhale the aromatics. Repeat this process a few times to fully enjoy the aroma of whisky.


Drink whisky neat first, and let it linger in your mouth before swallowing. This will allow your taste buds to sense the unique flavours in whisky.

Another preferred way to drink whisky is by adding a few drops of water. This allows to open up a lot of subtler flavours in whisky.

For a refreshing chill experience, you can add ice, however it may dilute the whisky and significantly alter its taste.


Whisky is a drink to be enjoyed. Don’t gulp the whisky at once. Give yourself time to savour the flavours of whisky. See what flavours you can experience and find your tasting preference (drinking it neat, adding a few drops of water, or having it with ice).

Most importantly, drink responsibly.